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Kathy Schrock's Guide for educators  
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated often to include the best sites for teaching and learning

Intel in Education

This is a non-commercial site, as all the resources are free of charge. Intel has just launched a web site called Intel in Education. Intel in Education provides educators with information and services applicable to teaching science, math and technology as well as using computers in the classroom. While they offer many resources, the most significant one is targeted for K-12 educators:

* The Journey Inside: The Computer - This program is for grade level 5-9, and is FREE to science, math and technology teachers. The Third Edition of "The Journey Inside" kit contains a teacher's guide, teacher's introduction video, classroom video, poster, and hands-on chip kit. This superb program will help teachers de-mystify computers and teach students the science behind computer and microprocessor technology. This kit can be ordered via a toll- free phone number listed on the Intel in Education site.


CampusTours offers the opportunity to take virtual campus tours of U.S. colleges & universities!


Tutor2000 helps students and tutors identify and find each other over the Internet. Check out their Web site to see how you can register.

Pathway to school improvement

Pathways synthesizes reseacrh, policy, and best practices on issues critical to educators engaged in school improvement.

Teachers.Net Lesson-Plan Exchange

This is the Teachers.Net and Lesson Plan Exchange Board. They have created this utility in response to the flood of requests that they got for on-line access to lesson plans. This resource gives teachers access to the best lesson plans on the Web. This is a free global marketplace for ideas, suggestions, and lessons for teachers across the continents! Teachers are encouraged to share lessons that they have found useful and interesting.

Here are a few resources you'll want to keep in mind for handy programming reference:

  • The Teachers.Net Website Manual:
    A low-tech introduction to setting up your desktop and assembling essential software for creating your website.

  • The WebTalk Mailing List:
    An electronic mailing list dedicated to helping teachers create handsome and functional websites. Your first order of the day - subscribe right away!

  • The Teachers.Net Teacher Forum:
    An on-line teachers' bulletin board for posting comments, questions, and suggestions about integrating the Internet into teaching curricula.

  • The Teachers.Net-Work:
    A collection of dozens of mailing lists and newsgroups dedicated to various teacher interests.

  • Teachers.Net Web Authoring Resources:
    We've listed a few of our favorite HTML, CGI, and website management resources. Some of the resources are specifially targeted to the novice programmer, others are exhaustive treatises on advanced programming topics. We hope that you'll find all of them useful, as we try to move you quickly from novice to expert web page programmer!

  • Teachers.Net Homepage Finishing Touches:
    A few hints and resources for making your generated Homepage function fully.


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