What's New?

August 19 , 2003:
It has been a while since the dust has been wiped off the site. I know it looks a little old and needs a new face and I am looking at options as to what I want to do with the site. I just completed doing some updates by deleting links that are no longer active and changing some of the verbage on the pages. I don't want to loose focus of why I developed this site in the first place...It was something I did for students and teachers but mostly for myself...an easy access to places of interest to help me do my job as an educator.

January 17, 1999:
Well, we haven't been updating the "What's New" very often, have we? Guess the site is such a work-in-progress all the time, that only redesigns make the news page. Well, so be it. Once again, a new design for our site. Yep, those folks at Accent Design Studios have been at it again. Don't you hate it when the sites you visit haven't changed their look in several years? We're avoiding that nicely here. (smile)

February 27, 1998:

We saw it was time to update our look at the Tech Kids site, so once again the folks at Accent Design Studios came in and gave us a fresh, streamlined new look. We value this site as something we do for our younger web visitors and want to be able to offer them a destination that's a colorful, fun place to be! Check it out!

June 28, 1997:

Since it's been about a year since our first "Face-Lift", we were due for a new look once again. Out with the old and in with the new! So here it is folks - the all new Improved Technology Education Lab! A little more pizzaz!

December '96 / January '97:

Received a write-up & review in the MCPS Global Access Update Newsletter.

November 19, 1996:

Received the WebPilot award for the "Kids & Teens" area and the "Education Resources" area.

October 22, 1996:

Opened our new Kids Only site, Tech Kids!

October 5, 1996:

Added Guestbook Sign & Read Features and Grant & Funding Resource Information.

September 28, 1996:

Received the Quiet Revolution 5-Star Award for the site!

August 23, 1996:

Check out our NEW LOOK and our NEW DOMAIN Name!

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