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Robodyssey Systems:

Robodyssey Systems designs and manufactures robots and accessories for teachers of Electronics, Computer Science, Physics and Robotics. Robodyssey was formed by teachers of Technology Education and all of our products have been tested in the classroom. We offer training and support for every product we sell. In the near future, look for Robodyssey to providecomplete, classroom tested units for Electronics and Computer Programming. We look forward to working with you!


Kelvin Electronics

Kelvin provides innovative educators with world-class products and services so that students are provided with the best educational experiences possible. Kelvin's 50th Anniversary catalog includes the basic items needed to support your curriculum. Technology education is one of the most exciting programs in school today. It provides students with the stimulation and motivation needed to investigate and solve everyday problems through research, design, construction, and problem-solving. Hands-on activities provide students with special opportunities to integrate math, science, and communication skills. With your support and feedback we are continuously improving our products and services.

Pitsco Guide to Technology Education

The Pitsco Home Page is a one stop Internet resource for teachers. If you are looking for technology products, resources, or free catalogs, you will be glad you took the time to visit this site.

Rockville Creative Learning, Inc.

Rockville Creative Learning has a huge selection of science kits including chemistry kits, electronic kits, robots, dinosaurs, crystal growing kits, models and so much more. They also have activity kits, educational books and workbooks. Their Parenting Guides section has books that can help you to become a better parent and includes a selection of books for children with special needs. A great site for families!

Synergistic Systems

Changing the Classroom: The goal of the Synergistic Systems is to facilitate change in student learning. It was created to affect every aspect of the traditional classroom and to address the weakness inherent in that traditional setting. Environment, curriculum, activities, and the roles of student and teacher are integral parts of the Synergistic System - all contributing to the success of the student. The benefits of the 'systems' approach to learning have been proven in hundreds of Synergistic labs, as well as being researched scientifically at the highest academic levels. The Synergistic System is the way to transform a classroom into a place of excitement for learning that fosters cooperative experiences and equal access to ideas and concepts for all students.

Hearlihy & Company

At the Hearlihy & Company Web site there's a lot of exciting information to see and you'll find their site both interesting and informative. Hearlihy & Company has been a source for quality, affordable technology education materials since 1969.

Modern School Supplies

Modern School Supplies is a nationwide (U.S.) supplier of products for schools and educational institutions specializing in technology education and science education materials for middle and high school levels.

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